Tide Turns – Half a Million Hectares on the Liverpool Plains Protected from CSG

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Media Release

Communities across the North West of NSW have come together to protect their groundwater, farmlands, urban areas and the environment in which they live from Coal Seam Gas mining. A simple survey is being conducted “Do you want your land and road CSG Free?”

“With  an  overwhelming  majority  of  95.9%  of  community  members  rejecting  CSG  across  local districts comprising 515,000 Ha on the Liverpool Plains, the results are pouring in. More results are expected soon.” said Phil Laird from the Lock the Gate Alliance.

“Road  signs  that  state  “CSG  FREE,  Protected  by  the  Community”  are  being  raised  on  our regions  roads  as  house  by  house,  road  by  road,  community  by  community  the  people  of  the North West declares the region to be off limits to Santos and their drilling program for coal seam gas” he said.

CSG Free Celebration Bundella-Web Large

“The  ‘People  Power’  within  these  communities  is  leading  on  the  issue  of  Coal  Seam  Gas  and they  stand  strongly;  committed  to  their  results”  said  Megan  Khun  from  SOS  Liverpool  Plains.

“Since  the  launch  of  the  CSG  Free Initiative  just  prior  to  Christmas,  we  have  had  an  amazing response  from  the  residents  of  Mullaley,  Bundella,  Blackville,  Pine  Ridge,  Warrah  Creek  and Spring Ridge” she said. “Wandobah and Caroona group will soon follow with communities keen to start.”

“The  process  is  catching  as  people  can  see  that  a  simple  action  can  have  powerful  results. Surveys are being finalised at Mary’s Mt right next to Santos’s pilot well at Kaluha and a similar outcome is already evident”

“The success of the Gurley region locking up in PEL 470 and the rollout of community surveys across  the  Liverpool  Plains,  have  led  to  meetings  being  held  in  Coonamble  to  survey  the western  areas”  said  Anne  Kennedy  from  the  Great  Artesian  Basin  Protection  Alliance.

“Our wonderful Local Council has put in place a moratorium against the development of CSG in the  Shire  and  the  community  survey  is  a  great  way  to  support  their  position” she  said. “The question has to be asked ‘If Santos isn’t welcome, why are they still here?’ No means No.”

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