People Power

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People Power

Maintaining the Rage and Bringing it On!

Gunnedah was treated to its own example of People Power on Tuesday as over three hundred clean air, clean food and clean water supporters Rallied for their Rights outside the town’s Civic Centre which was holding the Gunnedah Basin Coal Conference. Whilst supporters came from far and wide, conference delegates were few and far between, for some reason not using the front entrance. Why does People Power frighten mining companies? Could it be they know that we know they extract far more than just coal from the health and wellbeing of the community and environment surrounding their mines?

MPs Tony Windsor (Ind,), Lee Rhiannon (Greens) and Trevor Khan (Nat.) addressed the crowd with Tony Windsor stating that he had no doubt People Power would win this fight for food and water on the Liverpool Plains, and that he would be asking the mining community to fund the independent, catchment-wide water study during their conference so that everyone would know, once and for all, whether mining and farming could co-exist sustainably, without long term damage to the soil or aquifers, in this outstanding agricultural area.

Lee Rhiannon emphasised the scarcity of good agricultural land in Australia and how it must be kept in production representing this country’s food security and ability to feed other nations of the world; whilst State MLC member Trevor Khan urged CCAG and its supporters to ‘maintain the rage’ and take our People Powered message to Macquarie Street .  The gathering chaired by Doug Ranken of CCAG, was also addressed by Narrabri grain grower and council member, Bevan O’Regan, discussing Freehold Property Rights and the latest moves to challenge clearing laws and carbon ownership of vegetation in the courts. We live in interesting times.

After CCAG’s signature balloon release, signifying just how far coal dust could also travel, the crowd joined Steve Charles in a rousing rendition of People Power Liverpool Plains’ rallying cry “Bring It On”.  Given the fun and enthusiasm of the crowd today, we certainly will.

NEWSFLASH – Despite pictures circulating on the internet, CCAG deny that one of their Coal-Dust-Carries-Far-And-Wide balloons has been found on Mars.