CSG Free Pine Ridge Declaration

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Pine Ridge Energised by People Power

 Last night, the Pine Ridge Community’s Coal Seam Gas/Coal Mining Survey results were celebrated by many at their local hall, with a resounding 97.2% of residents agreeing that “they want the roads and their land to be coal seam gas and coal mine free.”

 This is one of five communities surveyed so far across the Liverpool Plains and the first community to be jointly surveyed for both Coal Seam Gas and Coal Mining. The Pine Ridge area contributes to the valuable food bowl of the Liverpool Plains and now their roads and land are declared CSG and Coal Mine Free by “The Will of the Community”.

“Pine Ridge surveyed 151 residents: 144 were in agreement , 4 were not sure; and 3 chose not to respond” said spokesperson Prue Lee, who went on to say “Not one “No” was recorded in whole Pine Ridge area to the question “Do you want your Land/Road GASFIELD and COAL MINE FREE”.

 “This result reinforces the community concern and angst regarding the development of coal seam gas and mining in this region,” Prue Lee said.

 “Liverpool Plains residents over the last 200 years have been developing and nurturing this valuable food bowl” said Lisa Hill. “It is vital that we protect this critical industry for our families and our future.” Lisa went on to say “Plundering this critical resource for a short term gain endangers Australia’s long term productive capability.”

 Prue Lee also said “The Liverpool Plains is one of the richest agricultural resources in Australia. This community stands firm in their opposition to Coal Seam Gas and Coal Mining.”

 Local community member Mally Carter questions “Why are the horse racing and wine industries considered “critical” and thus protected, when the “Liverpool Plains”, this magnificent and essential food bowl for all Australians is not protected? This simply defies logic!!”

 While Liverpool Plains Shire Council Deputy Mayor Col Stewart and Councillors Mary Roberts and Ken Cudmore were present, many serious questions obviously still remain unanswered by the Coal Seam Gas and Coal Mining Industry and by all levels of Government, and the community want answers to those questions before any further activity is allowed.

 “We need to learn from the disastrous facts coming out of Queensland and not rush into anything that would compromise the health of our communities, our land, our water and our environment.” “The people clearly insist on this” Megan Kuhn said.

 Information or comment:      Prue Lee  026747 4674,  Mally Carter   026747 4681,   Megan Kuhn   026747 6232