CSG Free Bundella Declaration

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Event Details

Liverpool Plains again celebrates as 97% of Bundella Support Declaring Their Area ‘Coal Seam Gas Free’.

 The Bundella Hall, heart of the picturesque and productive Bundella valley on the Liverpool Plains, was the venue for Friday evening’s Community Celebration proudly attended by a large number of local landowners and residents.

 This gathering was the culmination of a community survey which was activated in early January, genuinely seeking the view of all residents within the Bundella area on the critical issue of coal seam gas.

 “The overwhelming response of 97% saying “YES” to the survey question “Do You Want Your Land/Road GASFIELD FREE”, not only indicates a huge result but clearly shows locals will not tolerate CSG in our community”, spokesperson Megan Kuhn said.

 The community were pleased that Mayor Ian Lobsey, Deputy Mayor Col Stewart, Councillor Andrew Hope from Liverpool Plains Shire; Mayor Peter Shinton and Councillor Anne-Louise Capel from Warrumbungle Shire; and Councillor David Quince from Gunnedah Shire also attended Friday’s celebration.

 Declarations for each of the CSG Free Roads stating “ …. This road is gasfield free. Protected by the will of the community” were presented by a resident of that road to Mayor Lobsey or Mayor Shinton during the celebration.

 “It was an ideal opportunity for the Councillors to witness the broad based knowledge locals have on this issue, and our strength to stand together and support each other as we Declare our area ‘CSG Free’. It was abundantly clear that Santos have neither a moral or social licence to operate in the Bundella Community and we are clearly ‘Not For Sale’,” stated community member Simon Thompson.

 Megan Kuhn said “We adjoin the 98.5% Declared CSG Free Area of Mullaley and this is a wonderful expression that community are also becoming united beyond their immediate area. It shows this process is building and spreading from community to community, as we stand against this invasion which also “poses health risks and property devaluation”, as recently pointed out by Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner himself.

 In the week when Federal Member for New England Tony Windsor said “This process may have little legal power, but has strong political power”, the community’s message is expected to continue all the way through each level of Government, clearly demonstrating they are determined to protect their land and water.

 Local residents left the celebration focused and positive, with their “ … Gasfield Free, Protected by Community …” road signs which will now be erected on each of the roads surveyed.

 Megan Kuhn acknowledged “What a beautiful feeling within our community as a result of this survey process. Knowing 97% support being Gasfield Free confirms we are a united farming community and reaffirms our determination to support each other!”

 “Gasfield industrialisation of the land cannot coexist with our farming businesses, and is clearly not welcome here!” Megan Kuhn said.

 Information or comment:    Megan Kuhn 02 6747 6232 or Simon Thompson 02 6747 6228