Don’t Hang Us Out To Dry!!

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Farmers on the Liverpool Plains continue to exist with the uncertainty of what may unfold with the proposed Shenhua Watermark Project. Businesses near and proposed mine site have now been operating with this issue hanging over their futures for almost a DECADE!! This has stifled not only investment and opportunities for local agricultural businesses, but the personal lives of those whose homes are within coo-ee of the mine have been put on hold as they are unsure of whether they will be able to stay in their homes.

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Enough is enough!! We need a string government to stand up and stop this mine.


Water loss at Werris Creek linked to mining operations

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An independent analysis has found serious flaws in the modelling and reporting by an open cut coal mine adjacent to landholders who have lost, or have dramatically reduced groundwater supply. Initial modelling of the mine estimated a 10cm drop in bore levels, but data now shows an average 4m drop in the affected area. As a consequence of the findings the NSW DPI Office of Water has commissioned a review into what has become known as the “Werris Creek matter”.

After concerns raised by landholders above the Quipolly Creek alluvium aquifer were largely dismissed by Whitehaven Werris Creek mine and DPI Water only had the resources to review the reporting of groundwater take by Whitehaven against their licence conditions, Caroona Coal Action Group Inc. (CCAG Inc.) and the local landholders commissioned an independent assessment of the changing groundwater conditions to the … Read More »

50 Reasons Why the Shenhua Watermark Project is a DUMB IDEA

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The Shenhua coal mine IS on the floodplain

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Under the legal gazetted definition of floodplain, the Shenhua project is in fact on the floodplain.
Despite what some say, this mine is encroaching on prime agricultural land.
We do not accept the “specialised” definition of floodplain that is being used only for the purposes of the two mines proposed on the Liverpool Plains, in the middle of Australia’s prime agricultural lands.

Protect Our Food Bowl Celebration March 15

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Come together to protect our food bowl and celebrate gasfield free north-west!!
Gunnedah, Sunday 15 March, midday to 3pm


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The Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) hearing for the Shenhua Watermark project will be held at Gunnedah on Thursday 26 June 2014 at the Gunnedah Services and Bowling Club 313 Conadilly Street Gunnedah from 1.00pm.

Please come along and show support for the Liverpool Plains.


The Shenhua Watermark mine application is currently with the NSW Planning Department awaiting determination. The Caroona Coal Action Group is currently preparing for the Planning and Assessment Commission application and hearing which provide a final opportunity to speak on the project and raise concerns of the material harm to the environment that this project poses. CCAG has identified suitable scientific experts to ensure the community has the best representation possible.

If you would like more information on how you can help e-mail us.

Grain Drive 2013 Sorghum

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As the headers start up, we would like to ask that you consider donating even a small amount of sorghum to the CCAG to help us continue on with this battle.

Why not organise a truck load between a few neighbours and deliver it to Graincorp.

The China Syndrome, 2011

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Shenhua’s bid to dig a hole at Watermark to rival anything yet dug in Australia, has been pushed along with its 11th hour bid for a ‘preliminary’ development license, just prior to the NSW State Election.

Media interviews with a seemingly deliberative miners spokesman contrast with almost universal condemnation of the application made under State Labors detested Part3A planning law, which politically gives carte blanche to development over local concerns. Whilst this might remain Labors legacy, voters look to Nationals and Liberals, if elected, to follow through on their promises to curtail this excess.

CCAG condemns this blatant push to progress mine development before any real scrutiny, before the Water Study reports and especially before the current political electoral process runs its course.

And rumour has it that Shenhua has offered its pit as toxic waste repository for Sydney!

A taste of the Plains

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Another great day on the Plains.

Thoughts of coal and gas mining were displaced by great food and entertainment as exuberant crowds of locals and visitors joined to take advantage of a great day of fun food and entertainment at Caroona, in the heart of the Liverpool Plains. Opera and country singers, fashion parades, poetry readings were just part of the fun, as thousands joined in . 

On a serious note, guest speakers Assoc. Professor Julian Cribb outlined the coming critical world food shortages, Matt Wright from Beyond Zero Emissions discussed an alternative non coal, non gas electric future based on proven solar and wind technologies. Other speakers included Deborah Tabart CEO of the Australian Koala Foundation, Adam Blakester from Paradigm Play Armidale, Professor Paul Martin from UNE Aglaw centre, Tim Wright a holistic farmer from Uralla and living legend, Jack … Read More »