NSW gas crisis a fabricated myth of the export CSG industry

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Media Release, Zero Emissions Media Centre, Melbourne
15 July 2013

Gas Crisis! NSW to suffer from shortages within five years. That’s the story being peddled by the big fossil gas companies, AGL, SANTOS, Dart or Origin.

“This is a scare campaign with no basis in fact, the public is being completely misled with a lot of postulating and huff and puff from the coal seam gas (CSG) industry, which is desperate to develop as much gas as it can and ship it out to Asia at high Asian prices,” said Matthew Wright Executive Director of energy security think-tank Zero Emissions Australia.

“The gas miners just want to make as much money as possible exporting gas, and they’re using gas consumers, large and small as leverage by pretending that open slather on developing coal seam gas projects will lower prices to pre 2008 levels and … Read More »

Zero Emissions to join forces with Gunnedah Basin farmers to STOP Santos

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Media Release
Zero Emissions Media Centre, Melbourne
28 June 2013

Energy think-tank Zero Emissions is joining forces with Gunnedah Basin and Liverpool Plains farmers to stop Santos extracting gas from the pristine Pilliga state forest in north-west NSW.

“Fossil gas company Santos wants to create a massive gas field, far bigger than anything NSW has ever seen, in the beautiful Pilliga state forest near Narrabri and we will stop them,” said Zero Emissions executive director Matthew Wright.

Santos is attempting to appear conciliatory by claiming it will not develop 50 core wells across a wider region and will instead seek approval for 18 core and pilot wells in the state forest at Narrabri.

“The claim that Santos will only work in the Pilliga forest is crafted to make the Gunnedah community believe that they will be immune from this mega industrial project. When in fact … Read More »

The burning issue

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The coal seam gas extraction saga dominates media interest, while debates continue as to its relative environmental friendliness compared to coal burning. Some commentators see farmer land rights and struggles in purely financial terms, promoting farmland and its production areas as flexible and malleable, as society’s needs change. CCAG has always, and continues to argue that prime production land and its water resources should be sacred, and should be fully quarantined from the ravages of mining activities.

As the fight to highlight these adverse mining consequences continues, CCAG congratulates its foundation executive member Fi Simson on her appointment as president of NSW Farmers.