Repeat offender Santos stuffs up in the Pilliga AGAIN

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The EPA hands out little more than a slap on the wrist to Santos for uranium contamination of aquifers near the Pilliga. The offence has attracted a mere $1500 fine, which the EPA claims reflects the environmental damage. Doubtful…. See the full SMH article.

This is after being fined $52,500 earlier in the year for failing to report a spill in the Pilliga. See full article.


NSW Chief Scientist acknowledges long, difficult road ahead for CSG

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Media Release
Lock the Gate Alliance
31st July 2013

Lock the Gate Alliance has responded to the initial report on CSG by the NSW Chief Scientist, Mary O’Kane, in which she urges great caution with any roll-out of the industry, by calling for the an immediate moratorium on CSG until concerns she raises relating to subsidence and underground water have been fully researched.

Professor O’Kane’s report makes it clear that the State should accept nothing less than world’s best practice if the industry were to go ahead and that this would involve substantial baseline studies and cumulative impacts of multiple developments, and she has also acknowledged “wide-ranging community concerns about CSG”.

Professor O’Kane also highlighted the importance of developing an effective regulatory framework, including adequate resources for further research, monitoring and compliance by the state.

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, said that while the … Read More »

NSW gas crisis a fabricated myth of the export CSG industry

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Media Release, Zero Emissions Media Centre, Melbourne
15 July 2013

Gas Crisis! NSW to suffer from shortages within five years. That’s the story being peddled by the big fossil gas companies, AGL, SANTOS, Dart or Origin.

“This is a scare campaign with no basis in fact, the public is being completely misled with a lot of postulating and huff and puff from the coal seam gas (CSG) industry, which is desperate to develop as much gas as it can and ship it out to Asia at high Asian prices,” said Matthew Wright Executive Director of energy security think-tank Zero Emissions Australia.

“The gas miners just want to make as much money as possible exporting gas, and they’re using gas consumers, large and small as leverage by pretending that open slather on developing coal seam gas projects will lower prices to pre 2008 levels and … Read More »

Zero Emissions to join forces with Gunnedah Basin farmers to STOP Santos

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Media Release
Zero Emissions Media Centre, Melbourne
28 June 2013

Energy think-tank Zero Emissions is joining forces with Gunnedah Basin and Liverpool Plains farmers to stop Santos extracting gas from the pristine Pilliga state forest in north-west NSW.

“Fossil gas company Santos wants to create a massive gas field, far bigger than anything NSW has ever seen, in the beautiful Pilliga state forest near Narrabri and we will stop them,” said Zero Emissions executive director Matthew Wright.

Santos is attempting to appear conciliatory by claiming it will not develop 50 core wells across a wider region and will instead seek approval for 18 core and pilot wells in the state forest at Narrabri.

“The claim that Santos will only work in the Pilliga forest is crafted to make the Gunnedah community believe that they will be immune from this mega industrial project. When in fact … Read More »

EPBC Amendment Passes

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The ‘water-trigger’ legislation which Tony Windsor has fought hard for over the past few years has finally been passed to become law. This monumental piece of legislation was passed through the Senate yesterday, Thursday June 20, 2013.
This is huge win for water, with CSG and mining projects now requiring the green light from the Independent Expert Scientific Committee to ensure that these projects will not damage water resources.
This process will allow the Federal Government to step in where State Government has all too often been both the consenting body and a major beneficiary of such projects.
“Federal oversight based on independent science will help protect Australia’s most productive farmland from potential damage and encourage mining companies to pursue projects with lower risk profiles. After seven year fighting alongside local communities for a more balanced mining approvals process, I know farmers and … Read More »

Northern Tablelands’ candidates respond to weight of community concern around coal and CSG

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Media Release
North West Alliance
22nd May 2013

All candidates except Nationals candidate Adam Marshall have shown support for a moratorium on coal seam gas mining until more scientific research is conducted. Statements about these matters were made in response to questions put to all candidates by the North West Alliance.

“The questions asked candidates whether they supported a moratorium on unconventional gas development and new coal mines or expansions until rigorous scientific studies have been completed” said Bea Bleile, spokesperson for Armidale Action on Coal Seam Gas and Mining.

“Candidates were asked whether they will support a proper health impact assessment into proposed coal and gas exploration and mining in the local area and ‘no-go’ zones for mining in productive agricultural areas, important groundwater sources and high conservation value lands.

“The final question was ‘Will you publicly advocate for NSW and Federal Governments to implement … Read More »

North West Alliance grows, new groups join to protect the region

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Media Release
14 May 2013

A weekend meeting in Narrabri of the North West Alliance resulted in four new community groups joining up to help protect the region from coal seam gas and open cut coal mining. The growth comes amidst growing concern about the impacts of coal seam gas and coal on health, water resources, agriculture and bushland.

The meeting falling on Mother’s Day afternoon did not deter the enthusiastic attendees who celebrated the efforts of the many mothers who are part of the alliance.

“We were happy to spend our Mother’s Day afternoon working together to ensure our children have a bright and healthy future in the North West, where our water resources and lands are protected from damaging coal seam gas and open cut coal mine expansions,” said North West Alliance member and mother Carolyn Bishop.

“We are spurred on by the … Read More »

Gunnedah Basin Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

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The Gunnedah Basin Health Impact Steering Committee, constituted of community groups and organisations in the Gunnedah Basin, has been charged with commissioning a study of the health and welfare risks of mining and gas extraction in that basin.

The purpose of this proposed study is to analyse the health and welfare risks associated with various mining and gas extraction scenarios for the Gunnedah Basin, and to consider potential strategies for the avoidance, minimisation and management of these risks.

The study should:

Assess risks to physical, mental, social/community and environmental wellbeing, potentially reflecting scenarios aligned to Namoi Catchment Water Study, broadened to include development scenarios across the Gunnedah Basin.
Establish baseline levels of water quality, air quality and noise in the region, subject to defined benchmarks.
Identify cause and effect (or causal pathways) of a range of identified health and welfare issues.
Consider short, medium and long … Read More »

Christine Milne, leader of the Greens, pledges support for Agriculture

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24 APRIL, 2013

Accompanied by leader of the Greens, Christine Milne, Cate Faehrmann, who is aiming to win a seat in the Senate in the September Federal Election, and Jeremy Buckingham returned to the Liverpool Plains today to hear the concerns of farming families in this unique area.

When bad weather recently caused Jeremy to abandon a planned helicopter trip to the Liverpool Plains, he promised to return. Today shows he is clearly a man of his word.

Representatives from several local groups gathered at a woolshed in the Mullaley district to welcome the Greens representatives.  Set high on the western slopes of the Liverpool Plains with a panoramic view to the east, the venue offered a perfect backdrop for those present to hear what Christine had to say.

“In a short and well received address, Christine Milne spoke of her … Read More »

Tide Turns – Half a Million Hectares on the Liverpool Plains Protected from CSG

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Media Release

Communities across the North West of NSW have come together to protect their groundwater, farmlands, urban areas and the environment in which they live from Coal Seam Gas mining. A simple survey is being conducted “Do you want your land and road CSG Free?”

“With  an  overwhelming  majority  of  95.9%  of  community  members  rejecting  CSG  across  local districts comprising 515,000 Ha on the Liverpool Plains, the results are pouring in. More results are expected soon.” said Phil Laird from the Lock the Gate Alliance.

“Road  signs  that  state  “CSG  FREE,  Protected  by  the  Community”  are  being  raised  on  our regions  roads  as  house  by  house,  road  by  road,  community  by  community  the  people  of  the North West declares the region to be off limits to Santos and their drilling program for coal seam gas” he said.

“The  ‘People  Power’  within  … Read More »