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[pullquote align=”left”]TOGETHER we are committed to protecting the invaluable soil and water resources of the Liverpool Plains, along with the rural way of life.[/pullquote]

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Both the Caroona Coal Action Group and SOS Liverpool Plains were formed in response to the threat posed to agriculture from the extractive industries.

The Plains are a world class agricultural area as a result of these resources as well as the favourable climate.

Families have been farming these lands here for generations and we are working hard to ensure that future generations will be able to do so, providing food to feed not only our own nation but the world.

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CCAG was formed in 2006 by concerned landowners and community members in response to a coal exploration licence issued at Caroona to ensure that mining does not destroy our environment, agricultural production, people’s livelihoods, health and attachment to the land. As extractive industries have broadened their interests across the region, CCAG now strives to protect the wider area of the Liverpool Plains to ensure that the world class agricultural resources of the area are protected and that the region continues to be a viable food bowl for not only this nation, but the world.

CCAG is not opposed to mining per se. We have consistently argued for the role of independent science in the planning process, and continue to believe that this is necessary to identify and mitigate risks posed by potential development projects to the invaluable natural resources of the Liverpool Plains.

Aims and Objectives

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  • To ensure exploration or mining for coal, natural gas and/or petroleum products does not adversely affect the Liverpool Plains and the wider environment or ecology.
  • To ensure exploration or mining for coal, natural gas and/or petroleum products does not diminish or conflict with community’s culture or affinity they have with the land.
  • To ensure exploration or mining for coal, natural gas and/or petroleum products does not adversely affect the agricultural production potential, livelihood, personal health or social structure of the community.
  • To ensure the proposed exploration and mining procedure for coal, natural gas and/or petroleum products is fully transparent.
  • To facilitate liaison between members and the mining, natural gas and/or petroleum products exploration companies and/or their subcontractors.
  • To use all resources available to support any member seek fair and adequate compensation for any adverse effects resulting from exploration or mining, natural gas and/or petroleum products.
  • To liaise and negotiate with governments, companies, industry representatives and persons associated with exploration and mining for coal, natural gas and/or petroleum products.
  • To subscribe to groups, associations and organisations which may advantage the aims and objectives of Caroona. Coal Action Group Incorporated
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The Group represents members largely from the Liverpool Plains.

Chair: Susan Lyle

Public Officer: Prue Green

Vice Chair: Doug Ranken

Secretary: Kate Davidson

Treasurer: Jackie Crossing

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About Us

SOS Liverpool Plains is a group that represents country and city women from all walks of life. Our mission is to raise awareness of the real effects of coal and coal seam gas mining on the people, the communities, the land, the air, the workers and surrounding developments and most importantly OUR WATER – both riverine and underground.  We raise to light the facts and let the people decide.  We aim to reinvigorate democracy and keep the Federal and State Governments accountable.
We lobby politicians, write letters/submissions, support the Caroona Coal Action Group (CCAG), and link in with the Northwest Alliance against coal and coal seam gas.
The group began from humble beginnings in 2007, initially raising funds through cake stalls and has built into a group that has hosted many successful community information events. We have showcased production on the Liverpool Plains through two ‘Taste of the Plains’ days held at Caroona where local production was displayed.
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The group is made up of women who live and work on the Liverpool Plains and love the area for the lifestyle it affords.

President: Kirrily Blomfield

Secretary: Lisa Norman

Treasurer: Julie Prowse

Media Liaison Officer: Sarah Reardon

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