Caroona Blockade Comes Down after 615 days.

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Press release

This blockade has achieved its objective and the inadequacies of the old access regime have been exposed by Justice Schmidt’s ruling in the Supreme Court.   

We will not hesitate to put in place a new blockade wherever it is required, if any exploration or mining operations are authorised to proceed before proper, detailed scientific assessments are completed, to ensure that Liverpool Plains food production and the wider environment is protected.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported and participated in this blockade.  However, the battle to protect prime agricultural land, its water supplies, our community and the environment continues, just watch this space!

Sky Not Falling In

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Contrary to hysterical media reports from the mining industry this week, the sky is not going to fall in because of the Brown & Alcorn decision this week in the Supreme Court.

Her Honour Justice Schmidt effectively pointed out in her decision that the Mining Act was reasonable, sensible, and perfectly clear.  However, the miners did not comply with it as they should, and now they are required to do so.

This issue is as much about blatant non-compliance with the Mining Act as it is about consulting all affected parties.  Calls now for the Mining Act to be changed beg the question why have laws at all if there are no consequences for flouting them, and no government department is monitoring compliance?

In this situation, landholders and rural communities have become the de facto monitors (as many coal communities already know to … Read More »

Major Supreme Court win for CCAG

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“I order that the decision of the Warden’s Court as well as the determination which accompanied it and the interim and final determinations of the arbitrator, be quashed and set aside.” N.S.W. Supreme Court Justice Schmidt.

CCAG response.     Full Decision transcript here.

‘We thank all our supporters fighting for clean food and water supplies, and the Australian Farmers Fighting Fund (AFFF) for their support.’

Media: The Land, ABC radio, Leader, SMH , Australian

L&E Court Case Continues

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Legal argument regarding costs allocation and access to tender documents pertinent to the validity of the EL6505 exploration licence resumed today in the Land & Environment Court.

There was a great deal of discussion as BHP fought very hard to prevent the Caroona Community from having access to the original tender documents.  We ask the question – what have BHP got to hide?

The case continues 26th March.