NO GAS in Murray Darling Basin Water

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A new report into the CSG fields of the Surat Basin in QLD shows that CSG-associated water removal can lower water levels in adjacent aquifers depleting supplies to other users; increase inter-aquifer transfer of groundwater as the coal measures are depressurised and impact surface water unless strict management controls are imposed.  No surprises there!

Importantly, it also states “Inclusion of the impacts of other neighbouring CSG producers should be done to quantify the cumulative impacts on the system” which is precisely what a catchment-wide water study will ensure here rather than the current, environmentally-catastrophic project-by-project assessments.  They’ve suggested it but will the QLD government listen?

The Warrah Creek area will be having one of its Upper Mooki Landcare meetings on Thursday 3rd December at the Warrah Creek Hall at 5.30pm.  Particular attention will be paid to the threat to agricultural water supplies … Read More »

Senate Enquiry into Food Production Reports

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After 153 submissions and numerous public hearings across the country, Chairman of the Senate Food Production Enquiry, Senator Bill Heffernan, tabled three interim reports from this Enquiry today.  The second report discusses concerns raised in relation to proposed coal and gas exploration and mining/drilling on the Liverpool Plains area of NSW and the potential for these developments to adversely impact on agricultural activities in the area.

In a balanced and perceptive review of all the submissions, the committee stated it “believes that prime agricultural land needs to be protected from mining developments.” Further, “preservation of these productive lands and finite water systems is clearly of national significance.”

The committee makes the following recommendation: “..that the NSW Government investigate the total prohibition of mining under the floodplains of the Liverpool Plains and other areas of the state where similar conditions prevail, especially … Read More »

Just Transition Tour visits Blockade

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A busload of 25 enthusiastic and articulate young people converged on The Blockade on Saturday evening after visiting a series of coal-affected communities throughout The Hunter and Gloucester regions.  The stalwart Clift and Duddy families were there to greet them and to explain why this community had no choice but to take direct action.  On their way to State and Federal Parliaments, these informed campaigners for green jobs saw for themselves the devastation visited upon communities, water resources and previously prime agricultural land by this polluting industry.

We are grateful for their support and wish them well in raising awareness of how renewable energy solutions can save jobs, enhance the Australian economy and do away with dirty, filthy never-will-be-clean coal.  See here for a blog following their visit.

World waking up to Peak Soil

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Professor Crawford, Chair of Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Sydney, has outlined how the world’s food-producing soil is under threat and how that which remains “is the most precious resource that we have got”.   Quite so!

Citing soil loss in Australia at 5 times the rate at which it is being replenished, he warned that building soil carbon to enhance soil water storage capacity was critical for the future.  His research also indicates that China and Europe are losing even more top soil, some 57 and 17 times respectively compared to the rate of natural replacement.

The Liverpool Plains has tremendous soil reserves with premium water holding capacity and, as Professor Crawford goes on to say, “we need to be really careful [with our soil] and what ever we do to it has to be informed.”  We trust our new Minister … Read More »

CCAG welcomes split of Mining & Agriculture Portfolios

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                  New Ministers bring new hope of protecting iconic Liverpool Plains.

 The newly appointed Mineral Resources and Agriculture ministers, Peter Primrose MLC and Tony Kelly MLC, have been invited to visit the Liverpool Plains and immediately begin work on repairing the damage done by the issuing of mining licences across some of the finest farmland in Australia.

The invitations from CCAG came as the action group also congratulated the Rees Government for finally separating the vital portfolios of Primary Industries and Mineral Resources which were so clearly in conflict under the stewardship of the former Minister Ian Macdonald.  [More on our formal invite to Ministers Primrose and Kelly]

Old Macdonald had a Ministry, Ei Ei Oh!

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Minister for Mines, and Primary Industries, Ian Macdonald was today asked to resign from his post in the NSW Government by Premier Rees ostensibly for plotting against him.

We look forward to the new minister visiting our area as many other politicians have done. We look forward to working with the new minister to ensure the Water Study is fully funded and quickly commissioned!  Bring him/her on!

CFMEU heavyweights visit Blockade

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The Blockade was delighted to host the visit of Tony Maher, National President of the Mining & Energy Division of the CFMEU, Grahame Kelly (Northern District Secretary CFMEU) and Ross Whittaker (local CFMEU representative, Gunnedah & employee of Whitehaven Coal) last week.

These gentlemen were very interested in the issues surrounding coal and gas development across the Liverpool Plains and were fully appraised by CCAG members of how inappropriate development, such as the troubled Caroona Coal Project, may jeopardize the long term viability of coal mining in NSW.

We thank them sincerely for their interest and support.

Tasting the Plains: Diversity and Choice.

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It was a day to remember, when a crowd well in excess of a thousand people on Sunday packed the Caroona Hall and its surrounds to show support for the Taste of the Liverpool Plains. The SOS Liverpool Plains girls delivered with a smorgasbord of food, music, entertainment and speakers to celebrate the diversity and to demonstrate the productivity of our Plains.

Speakers Al Gore ambassador Nell Schofield , journalist broadcaster Jane Singleton, ‘Bush Goddess’ Penny Scott and local district chef Chris Galvin delivered from their own experiences.  Prominent green ban activist Jack Mundey eloquently outlined the parallels of preservation of the prime food production area of the Liverpool Plains and the preservation of Australias heritage. Outside the Hall, Aboriginal dancers and musicians Champagne Charlie complimented the food stands of breads, meats, cakes, wines, and berries whilst other stands promoted local … Read More »